Cancelled / Rescheduled Shows

Information for ticket holders

The below cancelled shows are now all refunded. If we were unable to contact you, your refund will either have gone back onto the card you purchased with OR refunded back onto a Gift Voucher for later use. The Box Office will remain closed for the time being however we will continue to monitor emails remotely. Please email the Box Office if you need to contact us and we will respond shorly.

Wangaratta Performing Arts & Convention Centre operates in accordance with Live Performance Australia’s Ticketing Code of Practice. Ticket holders to any performances that are cancelled are offered a full refund. If any are rescheduled to a new date, you have the option to exchange straight into it or if the new date is unsuitable receive a full refund.

Shows proceeding / rescheduled

(Subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

Shows cancelled and refunded

  • Steinway on Stage with Ignatious Corboy (18 March) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Shades of Buble’ (22 March) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Galen’s Anything Goes Talent Show (24 March) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Grace Under Pressure (8 April) REFUNDED/REFUNDED
  • Hell’s Canyon (23 April) REFUNDED/REFUNDED
  • Cafe Culture Series Canyon Callers (29 May) CANCELLED/REFUNDED 
  • The Fabulous Caprettos (4 June) CANCELLED/ REFUNDED
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow (10 June) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Celtic Illusion Reimagined (16 June) CANCELLED/ REFUNDED 
  • Mother & Son (24 June) CANCELLED/REFUNDED 
  • The Robertson Brothers (5 July) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • The World of Musicals (8 July) REFUNDED 
  • Blondies Rapture (18 July) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Edward the Emu (7 Aug) CANCELLED/REFUNDED 
  • Wallflowering (11 Aug) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Victoria Welsh Choir (23 Aug) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Cafe Culture Series Lada Ha Ha (28 Aug) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • 50 Shades! The Musical Parody (29/3 & 3/9) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • An Evening with the MSO (7 Oct) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Classic Kids with the MSO (8 Oct) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • You & I Rachael Beck & Michael Cormick (6 Nov) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • The 91-Storey Treehouse (26 Nov) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Cafe Culture Series La Busca Tango (27 Nov) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • Spirit of Christmas (30 Nov) CANCELLED/REFUNDED
  • A Celtic Christmas (4 Dec) CANCELLED/REFUNDED