The Roy Orbison Story

Next date: Friday, 05 April 2024 | 07:30 PM to 09:05 PM

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‘The Roy Orbison Story’ - The Stories…The Life…The Songs….The Voice

Experience the wonder of Roy Orbison in this brilliant theatrical portrayal of the man, his music, his voice, & his life. You will find yourself believing you are in his presence, transported back in time, reliving the emotion of each of his songs & the stories of his life. Mark Shelley is simply brilliant in his characterisation of Roy Orbison. He not only has the vocal range & tone to honour his songs, he also has the sensitivity & artistic ability to ‘be’ Roy.

Without doubt, this is the definitive portrayal of Roy Orbison - the man, his music & his life. Only the Lonely, Running Scared, Sweet Dream Baby, Candy Man, Blue bayou, In Dreams, Anything You Want, Crying, Workin for the Man, Penny Arcade, Pretty Woman and many more.

The ‘Big O’ stood head & shoulders above the rest, his vocals were peerless, his range extraordinary. His songs unique, impassioned & personal. Orbison, the man, was enigmatic, driven, shy, funny, quietly charismatic. From his initial success in the 1960’s to the resurgence of his career in the 80’s, Roy Orbison’s voice remained remarkable, communicating an emotional intensity not experienced in popular music before or since. His songs conveyed vulnerability, love, loss & fun. His performance was unique, simple & powerful.

Orbison’s life was littered with personal tragedy, & career highs & lows. His wonderful resurgence in popularity in the late 80’s through his legendary ‘Black & White Night’ Concert, his solo album ‘Mystery Girl’, & the formation of the Supergroup ‘The Traveling Wilburys’ was a fitting final chapter for such a creative genius.

Experience the wonder as Mark Shelley brings Roy Orbison to life.  One night only, buy tickets now.


  • Friday, 05 April 2024 | 07:30 PM - 09:05 PM
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