Next date: Thursday, 18 July 2024 | 07:30 PM to 08:25 PM

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December delivers a narrative of a nation hit hard by the climate crisis. Jake Silvestro’s fusion of acrobatics and drawing are the vessel for this conversation.

December explores themes of loss, memory, and the consequences of Australia’s 2019/2020 bushfires. Speaking to the resilience of a country hit hard during the ongoing climate crisis, this enthralling new work prompts reflection on our actions and wrestles with finding joy and memory amidst devastation. 

"An exception full length solo performance, December, choreographed using a variety physical genres combined with a strong visual arts component and an underlying focus on issues concerning the disastrous bushfires that ravaged parts of Australia in December 2019" - Award for Excellence in Dance 2022 Canberra Critics Circle 2022. 


  • Thursday, 18 July 2024 | 07:30 PM - 08:25 PM
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