Wangaratta Jazz & Blues NATIONAL JAZZ AWARDS

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The National Jazz Awards have been a cornerstone for young jazz musicians for over 30 years. They are a celebration of younger, emerging artists doing great things in the local Jazz industry.

For some of our participants it has been a launching pad, and for others they become regular friends of the festival and we have featured them again as accomplished artists.

With a rotational change of instrument each year, the Festival is proud to engage current artists as both judges and also the band to play with finalists.

This years featured instrument is Bass - and we are proud to see 27 emerging artists have submitted a blind application, which our three judges will now work towards narrowing down to our top five finalists. 

In 2023 we offer the event not only five amazing finalist but also a surprise opening act – stay tuned for more about this in our newsletters and on the website.

Join us on Saturday 4 November to support and encourage the wonderful work our young jazz artists are putting together.

 NJA Artist 1 Noel Mason.jpg  NJA Artist 2 Anton Schulz.jpg  
 NJA Artist 3 Blakely McLean.jpg  NJA Artist 4 Jordan Tarento.jpg
 NJA Artist 5 Alistair Peel.jpg  


Friday 3 November 6.30pm - WPACC Memorial Hall

Saturday 4 November 7pm - 9.20pm - WPACC Alpine MDF Theatre


  • Saturday, 04 November 2023 | 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM
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