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UPDATE 28/7/21 This performance has been cancelled due to COVID impacts, ticket holders have been emailed 28/7 advising of this and their options. If you are a ticket holder please refer to your email.

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The first of two Cafe Culture Club Series performances this year is The Shuffle Club.

Best described as a hot blend of jazz, swing, blues and boogie, The Shuffle Club provides tight arrangements executed by superb musicianship. There is an arresting raw energy and enthusiasm. Since exploding into the Melbourne music scene in 1999, The Shuffle Club has toured internationally across Europe, Asia and Central America, as well as performing regularly in venues and festivals all over Australia.

ASHLEY GAUDION (saxophone & vocals) has been surrounded by local and international jazz and blues artists all his life. He honed his musical talents from a very young age, and is now well-established as one of Australia's predominant jazz and blues vocalists and saxophonists. Son of the well-known jazz trumpet player Peter Gaudion, he has played and sung with many of Australia's finest musicians.  

PAUL GRISKA (double bass & vocals) is definitely seen and heard as an outstanding double bass player, with an impeccable feel for all styles. Being the pulse of the band, Paul displays a tasteful approach to his instrument supplying creative, melodic textures, with a rhythmically driven bass line. Being rooted in many different genres, Paul is one of the most versatile and passionate bass players Melbourne has to offer.

RODNEY GILBERT (drums & vocals) is one of those rare individuals who can capture any audience. His outstanding ability on the drums is recognised by all who watch him perform. Known as one of the top jazz drummers in Australia, Rod has earned respect not only with his sticks but with his smooth and exciting vocals. Being a natural performer, Rod is extremely adaptable to any environment, with a comic touch if the situation permits.

DANNIE BOURNE (keyboard & vocals) has played all around the world in all aspects of entertainment from performer to musical director. He has played with the likes of Chuck Berry and Johnny O'Keefe. Dannie's boogie woogie high energy playing adds a hard and exciting edge to The Shuffle Club’s sound. Dannie's experience as a performer enables him to capture any crowd.

When (All dates cancelled)

  • Friday, 13 August 2021 | 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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